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TheAsianBeyonce | cg | 16

Instagram: @haleymariet

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Last chance to send in pictures! All posts will be deleted in 1 hour! You can still send in afterwards. For those who have sent in I will be doing it in order of first come first serve. Please have patients! No promises on quality due to the fact I’m using this project for practice! 
I will post each one with your username/name underneath. 
1. Simply direct message (@haleymariet), tweet me(@HaleyMarieT), Facebook me (Haley Titsworth) or if needed text a simple picture of your eye. ( I prefer natural but it can have make up if necessary) 
2.) Try to make the photo as clear as possible. ( it’s ok if slightly blurry.) 
3) I’ll be doing both girl and boys. 
All eyes are welcomed:) 
This post will be deleted at some point so now or never!💕 #eyesneeded #drawing #eyeballs #art

fast food workers say: NEVER order these items

ph. Iga Drobisz